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Official Information

The Gibraltar Amateur Athletic Association (GAAA) also known as Gibraltar Athletics was established to:

  • Foster, develop and control the sport of athletics in Gibraltar
  • Take responsibility for all athletic teams representing Gibraltar
  • Promote annual championships and other competitions
  • Establish and enforce rules for competition
  • Advance and safeguard the interests of athletics in Gibraltar

The GAAA is committed to the development of athletics in Gibraltar, and with the support of our partners, we aim to;

  • Widen opportunities for more people to become involved in athletics
  • Provide the best possible opportunities for those involved to gain enjoyment and maximise their potential
  • Support those with talent to succeed at European and World level
  • Run the sport efficiently and effectively, and provide excellent service to participants and stakeholders

The GAAA is the national governing body for athletics in Gibraltar and a member federation within World Athletics. Gibraltar Athletics also form part of European Athletics along 50 other European Member Federations. Within the European Athletics Structure, Gibraltar are included in the Athletic Association of the Small States of Europe ‘AASSE’.

Gibraltar Athletics Council

The Current GAAA Council Members are as follows:

The Current GAAA Council Members are as follows:

Gibraltar Athletics Constitution

  LATEST CONSTITUTION – *As amended with effect from 02/09/2021*

*As amended with effect from 02/09/2021*

Gibraltar Athletics Codes of Conduct



Gibraltar Athletics Safeguarding Policy



Athlete Registration
The Membership Application Form can be downloaded below.



Affiliation and Registration Fees

Club Affiliation Fee: £30.00 per annum

Senior Members: £10.00 per annum

Senior members – comprising individuals 18 years and over of age at any time during any calendar year

Junior Members: £5.00 per annum

Junior members – comprising individuals aged 15-17 at any time during any calendar year.

Youth Members: £3.00 per annum

Youth members – comprising individuals under the age of 15 at any time during any calendar year.

Associate Members: £2.00 per annum

Associate members – open to athletes not able to represent Gibraltar at Senior International Competitions under WA conditions.

All membership fees must be paid by 15 January of any given year. Individuals who fail to pay their membership fees by this date will automatically cease to be members of the Association. Fees will be updated as necessary and after the approval of an extraordinary or general meeting. The membership year will commence on the 1 January of each calendar year. The financial year of the Association will run concurrently with the membership year.

Admission of Members

The name, age and address for all members shall be given to the Hon Secretary, who shall keep a record of all members. Every person shall upon application for admission to membership sign a document agreeing to abide by the Rules of the Association and all amendments.

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